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Are Bats still active in the fall?

If you are thinking “It’s fall, shouldn’t bats be hibernating by now? Why am I still seeing them at night?” The reason is all about temperature and food. Bats will stay active as long as they have a food source. The main ingredient of their diet is insects. During the summer insects are easy to locate but as temperatures begin to drop, so does the insect population. When warmer temperatures stick around, so do the bats.

Here in New Haven that could be well into October or November. Basically, as long as insects are flying around, there will be bats that follow them. Once the temperatures drop to a cool enough level the bats will begin to look for a place to hibernate and they will stay there until spring arrives. It is not uncommon for this to begin late in the fall. When it is time for them to hibernate, they will choose a quiet, dark, perfect place to survive the cold winter. Your attic! They will do anything they can to get in, including damaging your home. Once inside, the damages will continue. Guano or bat droppings and urine can contaminate insulation and lead to costly repairs.

We are here to help. If you are seeing bats around your home or hearing noises this fall, call us right away. We are knowledgeable when it comes to laws and when it comes to animals, we always want to treat them in a safe, humane manner.

If you think you may have bats in your attic, remember, you are not alone here in New Haven. CT. This is a more common problem than you might think. Many homes in this area are affected in summer and fall. We are ready to schedule an inspection of your attic and provide the best plan to get them out and restore your space. Decontamination and repairs are also our specialties. Let us help you get these creatures out of your home for good.

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