Don’t Let Bats Take Over Your Home

Bats in your home, attic or business can be a nightmare. While they are good for the environment, they are not good for your home. If you are hearing scratching or flapping sounds at night or seeing bats around your home or business, call us immediately. Bats live in colonies so if you see one, there are probably many more and they are likely causing damage to your property. A space as small as ¼ inch is all they need to gain entry and once inside, the mess they create can be very costly. The best way to deal with this issue is to call professionals in bat removal, clean up and exclusion.  We have a team of experts ready to make sure your home is free of these pests. Call us today for an inspection of your home in Fairfield or New Haven County.

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Bats in the Attic

One of the most common problems we see is bats in the attic. This is a problem that only gets worse with time. These creatures make a lot of droppings called guano which can be dangerous and destructive. The guano can build up and saturate insulation and damage wood and other surfaces if not cleaned up properly. Guano can also present health risks for you and your family. Particles filled with bacteria can get into the air circulated through your home and cause health respiratory problems. We offer attic cleanout services to reverse the mess caused by bats and other critters. Once your attic is clear of all bats, we can begin clean up and damage repair. Call us today to schedule an inspection and estimate.

Get Rid Of Uninvited Guests

You like having bats in the neighborhood because they eat annoying insect pests. But you don’t want to invite them to start a colony inside your house. We will use proven methods that are safe and humane to make sure your attic is bat free. This involves sealing any and all possible openings after they are gone. Exclusion is a key element to making sure they can not gain access again. Our trained experts can see possible entry points that you will likely miss. Removing bats can be quite dangerous, leave it to us! Protect your home, yourself and your family by leaving it to the experts at NCS Wildlife Solutions.

General Bat Removal FAQs

How do we get bats out of my home

Bats are a protected species and you need to be careful follow all laws when it comes to their removal.  The best method is exclusion.  By use of one way doors the bats will leave you home and not be able to return.  Once they are gone the doors are removed and sealed.

How much does bat removal cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost. How long the bats have been there, how much guano clean up, damage repair and seal-up is needed? It’s at least several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on how widespread the problem is. Please understand there is an enormous amount of work to remove, clean and seal your home or attic.

How did bats get into my house?

Bats will seek your home and attic for a nice, dark place to live. They can get into any gap or opening that’s at least 3/8 of an inch. This is common in many older homes. Over time, mother nature and local critters damage your house. This includes gaps or openings leading to your attic.