Bats are a very common nuisance for homeowners. While they do benefit the environment by helping to control the mosquito population it is not ideal to have them in your home or attic. Like most living creatures, they will search for a comfortable place to live and your neighborhood offers many options. Your dark, quiet attic is one of those options. Because they are nocturnal and move around at night, you may not ever see them. However, there are some tell-tale signs that you have bats entering your Milford, CT home. You may see staining on the outside of your home from the droppings they leave or damaged areas around your soffits. It is also common to hear them moving around in the walls, attic or soffits. Call NCS Wildlife Solutions for an inspection as soon as you notice any of these signs.

Wild Animals in Attic


If there are bats in your attic, there will likely be damage in your attic. The most damage will probably be due to guano or bat droppings. More than likely the bat that got into your home first has brought others along. Multiple bats means more guano, more contamination and more damage. All of the droppings and urine can saturate your insulation, damage wood and drywall. You also have air ducts from the HVAC system in your attic that lead to all rooms in your home. When disturbed, the guano can put bacteria, parasites and pathogens into the air causing hazardous breathing conditions for you and your family. Droppings can also accumulate on the ducks, weighing them down and restricting air flow. Another area of concern is the structural damage caused at entry points. Bats only need a gap of ⅜ inch to get into your attic, they may not always enter through easy spots. Vents or soffits may be damaged as they enter and exit. They can also get behind the siding on your home or behind your shutters. You will need professional help to remove these animals from your attic and avoid costly damages.


Removing these flying creatures from your Fairfield or New Haven County home is not something you should attempt on your own. You should have professional help every step of the way. Starting with the removal and exclusion of the bats to the restoration. We will inspect your attic and provide you with the best plan to safely rid your home of these pests and make it a clean space again. Attics are usually small spaces that are not well ventilated so having the proper equipment to effectively clean and deodorize the area is important. You will also need experts to safely remove and replace contaminated insulation. Pathogens, bacteria and parasites can be released into the air which can be dangerous if not dealt with properly. Drywall may need to be cut out and replaced as well as wood repairs. An inspection of wiring should also be done to make sure the bats did not harm any electrical equipment during their time in your attic. Call us to schedule an inspection of your attic and home at the first sign of trouble. We are ready to help.