Mole Control

Moles are one of the easiest pests to identify because of the damage they cause to yards here in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. In their quest for food, they leave little mounds of dirt in your yard where they burrow. They make tunnels underground that can damage your lawn. You do not want to attempt removal of the moles on your own. These animals are territorial and can be aggressive and difficult to trap. In order to do that you must have knowledge about their habits and how they search for food.  NCS Wildlife Solutions is a local wildlife removal expert that specializes in trapping and removing moles from yards all across Fairfield and New Haven Counties.

There are two types of moles in Connecticut, the Eastern Mole and the Star-nosed Mole. Depending on which type of mole has invaded your lawn, we will tailor our trapping methods for the best results. We can use both above ground and below ground trapping methods depending on the type of mole and on our assessment of the infestation. Call NCS Wildlife Solutions today to speak to your local expert in mole trapping and removal!

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Why are moles in my yard?

Moles are just like other animals in one way, they are always looking for food.  Your yard could contain exactly what they like. New lawns may be particularly attractive because of the new top soil.  All of the nutrients make it a more likely home for insects and earthworms. Moles are constantly in search of food and prefer to eat earthworms and other insects. Sometimes they will arrive in your yard simply because there are more moles in the area. Either way, if you allow them to stay they will continue to come back year after year. It is important to have professionals involved when it comes to trapping and removing them from your yard. Do not allow them to ruin the place your kids play or your family gets to enjoy the outdoors together. We can help rid your yard of these destructive pests. Call us as soon as you notice a problem.