Raccoons are nocturnal animals so they are active at night while you are asleep. This makes them far less visible and it makes it easier for them to find food. During the night they forage for food and suburban yards here in Milford are great places to forage. These cute creatures need food and they are willing to look for it. Your yard is filled with grubs and insects that live under the top layer of soil. Raccoons will dig for them, making a mess of your yard in the process. They will use their hands to rip up sod and pull up the grass layer. Don’t let these pests destroy your yard. Call NCS Wildlife Solutions today.



They can be noisy, tearing into trash cans and leaving a mess around them. You may even hear them get into the trash during the night. The true signs will be in the lawn. Skunks will leave 3-4 inch holes, Armadillo will leave divots, some up to 5 inches wide, moles will not dig, they will push dirt from underneath. Raccoons will dig holes and rip up grass while searching for the grubs and insects to eat. You may not be able to tell what critter is making the mess, but our team can identify what animals you are dealing with then we can assess the yard and begin the trapping.


Call NCS Wildlife Solutions right away. Raccoons do not care about destroying your yard and they can make it a large mess in no time at all. Don’t let them ruin your manicured lawn and landscaping. If you water your lawn you should do it early in the day so it will be dry before dark when the raccoons come out to forage. You should avoid using chemicals on your grass, this can be harmful even to your pets. You should also stay away from grub killers you can buy at home improvement stores as they do not work well. If you want to take away the food source for the raccoons, use an environmentally safe option like Nematodes. Remember, you may just be inviting more mess by trying to kill the grubs on the upper surface of the grass. If they do not find the grubs easily, they will dig even deeper for them. Trapping is without a doubt the best way to approach a problem like this. It is the safest and most humane way to save your lawn while not hurting the animals. They can be trapped and relocated by our team. Call us and we will schedule a time for a consultation. Call early on so your yard does not get destroyed by these creatures. Your yard is where your pets go, where your children play and where your family gathers. Do not allow raccoons or other nuisance animals to ruin your peaceful land in Fairfield or New Haven County. We are here to help.