Seagulls can definitely be described as nuisance birds in Fairfield or New Haven. Mostly found along the coastline, they are usually about 12 inches long and have a wingspan of about 24 inches. These white and grey birds are known for scavenging food and are comfortable in coastal or city environments. They are noisy birds that create a lot of droppings. If these pests are landing and nesting at your place of business, odds are, your business is not making the best impression on your potential customers. People do not want to have to navigate through annoying birds or to feel like they may be hit by the seagull droppings. Your employees also want to work in safe conditions. They are not ideal around homes either. They can be very loud and disruptive. Do not worry, professional help is right here. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we can help you restore the look of your building so you are making the best impression possible for your business and customers in Milford.

Dangers of Seagulls

These birds can be dangerous. They are carriers of hazardous bacteria that can cause infections and disease. Salmonella, listeria, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, encephalitis and e coli are just a few of the possible diseases that could be passed on to humans by seagulls. They can result in respiratory and pulmonary problems and some can be fatal. Exposure happens when humans breathe in the bacteria from the dried seagull droppings. There are also mites to consider. Nests from the seagulls are filled with these mites that can bite humans and cause bites similar to bed bugs. They are also very aggressive birds, particularly when scared. They are known for following humans looking for food and when they feel threatened they can attack people. You do not want your business overtaken by these pest birds.

Handling Seagull Infestation

Since they are protected by law, you have to be careful when treating your building for seagulls. It is best to have a professional team that is familiar with protection laws to develop the best plan for your business. Seagulls can be a problem for hotels, airports, corporate buildings, marinas, golf courses, warehouses and so many more commercial locations. We are prepared to help at any location, no matter the size. We start by scheduling a no cost, no obligation consultation. An inspection of the property will be done and we will give you an estimate and explain the best options for you. The plan will include clean up of droppings if necessary and pressure washing. The plan for treatment may include grid wires to keep them from landing on your building or bird spikes. Depending on your property size, you may also consider laser deterrents or shock strips to keep them away. Our goal is to ensure that your property is clean and safe. Our solutions are long term and effective. Call us to schedule a consultation for your business or home as soon as possible.