Skunk Trappingskunk trapping Stratford

February is mating season for skunks in Milford Ct. You will find things extra stinky as skunks look for mates and compete for females in season.
If you smell skunks you should give us a call. They may be building a nest for their young under your porch or house. We can remove them safely and odor free.

If you are hearing noiese in your attic it may be squirrels or mice. We still have gray squirrels getting into attics as the weather is cold. There are not baby Squirrels at this time. Mice will also enter your home in order to get out of the cold. They can often be found building their nest in the attic or your garage.

Don’t let these wild animals make your home their home. Now is the time to remove them and have us fix the entry points to prevent any other critters invading your home. Call us today.

skunk trapping Stratford

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