Skunk Removal

Skunks are very cute in theory, but they are one of the most popular species of wildlife that we are called upon for removal in Fairfield and New Haven Counties. These animals are often found living under porches, sheds, decks or crawl spaces. Undoubtedly the horrible smell they omit is the first thing you think about when it comes to these creatures. If you, your children or your pets are in the vicinity of the spray from a skunk there will be a very unpleasant odor for a very long time. If you attempt to remove one on your own you run the risk of being sprayed. That is why you need our help. We are seasoned pros when it comes to skunk removal. Hiring us is the safest and easiest way to get these critters off of your property without incident.

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Odor Free Skunk Removal

The first thought most people have about skunks is the terrible scent of the spray they produce. Our many years of experience has taught us all of the dangers about these animals making us very prepared for every scenario. We know the best methods for trapping and removing them without making them feel threatened. Just like other animals, when they feel threatened they use defense mechanisms to survive. Our goal during the trapping and removal process is to prevent the spray from happening. We want to handle the problem in the safest, most humane way possible. Contact NCS Wildlife Solutions today to schedule an inspection.

Dangers of Skunks

You do not want to attempt removing skunks from your property on your own and if you have any on your property, be sure to keep your pets away from them. Along with the stinky spray skunks can carry many diseases including rabies and distemper. This puts you and your pets at risk when they are around. You want to avoid any contact. Yet another reason to seek help from the experts. Call us today if you have a skunk on your property. We are ready to help with trapping and removing skunks as well as clean up and using proven methods to keep them from coming back.

General Skunk Trapping FAQs

I have a skunk living under my porch/deck/house, how do I get him to leave?

The safest and easiest way to remove a skunk is to call us.  We understand skunks and know the best way to trap these animals without having them spray.

Can't I just use a repellent?

Mothballs, ultrasonic sound emitters, and other DIY repellents do not work. There is no quick and easy fix when it comes to skunk removal.  The best method is to have a professional trap and remove them.

Do skunks carry diseases?

Skunks can frequently be susceptible to rabies. Don’t let your pets or family come into contact with skunks and risk possible infection.