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Woodchucks / Groundhog Removal

Groundhogs generate a great amount of damage in the area due to their large size. They create large burrow openings and long burrows. Groundhogs can be a huge problem in yards, around homes, and in fields and gardens. In order to control your groundhog problem in New Haven and Fairfield counties, you should call us.

These large rodents, also called woodchucks, can move a lot of earth. This means large burrow openings that can be harmful to livestock and humans, damage to crops, and possibly even foundation subsidence. And, these problems are only compounded where there are multiple animals. This is where it is important to call in a professional to tackle the problem with specific traps and methods to quickly cease damage being caused and get the problem under control.

There are many species of wildlife that can call a crawlspace home, but the groundhog (or woodchuck) can be a destructive rodent to have living under your house. Aside from gnawing any exposed wiring, they may also burrow under the foundation. This can cause subsidence and cracking of the foundation.

We are on call to resolve any groundhog problems that you may have around your home. We can trap and remove the problem animals around your home and develop methods for controlling populations in larger areas, such as fields.

Appearance of Holes

Unless they are raising young, groundhogs live alone. Their burrows can have up to four exits. These are usually located near trees, walls, or fences. Each opening is between 10 and 12 inches in diameter. When the young prepare to leave the nest you may find additional holes. These holes are shallow, much smaller in diameter, and there may be a number of them.

Groundhog Hole Damage

Having groundhog holes in the lawn can be costly to home owners. Underground watering systems and wiring is often damaged by the pests as they burrow. Additionally, they can also cause damage to the foundation of the home. Furthermore, groundhogs feed on plants and garden crops, stunting their growth.

Groundhog under the Shed, House or Deck

Groundhogs usually live in open fields and orchards but can often be found under homes, decks, and even sheds. Their burrows tend to be both destructive and extensive. They build their subterranean homes with at least two entrances. Groundhog burrows can cause structural damage to footings, foundations, and other concrete structures by undermining their stability.

Groundhog Removal

Fencing around decks, porches, and sheds, can be reduce groundhog population. However, this can be costly and time-consuming. The best way to remove groundhogs and woodchucks in Fairfield and New Haven Counties is to call us. We are trained wildlife professionals and have the training and tools to safely and humanely remove groundhogs before extensive damage can occur.